Wheelchair basketball is one of the most famous sports in Paralympic Games. After the World War 2 the war veterans have started to play basketball on their regular wheelchairs. Shortly it has spreaded to so many European countries and to USA. Wheelchair basketball became very famous all among the disabled sports. Disabled players in Turkey started to play wheelchair basketball at the end of 90s. That means they have started to deal with this new sports branch nearly 50 years after Europe. Wheelchair basketball sports have been developed very quickly and now there are more than 70 wheelchair basketball clubs. National team’s best degree was the 3rd at ranking in the World Chmapionship which was held in South Korea . With the continuing development of wheelchair basketball, EXTRA basketball wheelchairs took the place of very expensive basketball wheelchairs which were sold in Turkey. When you compare EXTRA basketball wheelchairs with it’s competitors, you can easily notice that there is no quality difference . Because all the manufacturing companies are buying the raw materials from the same suppliers. What make EXTRA more different than the other brands is the human fact. It is totally hand made and made to measure. Besides these distinguishing matters one of the most important feature of EXTRA Basketball wheelchairs is the special heat treatment process. Moreover, the customers are not limited with 20-30 different colors . We have more than 300 different color selection. We say it is “The Wheelchair ” and the ” Choice Of The Best ” . Price is more and more affordable when you compare with the same quality very expensive products.
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